Code of Conduct: Retailers of Goods

Published: Thursday, 31 March 2022

The Office of Fair Trading has issued new Codes of Conduct for the Retail Sector. These codes will serve as best practice guidance for businesses that retail in goods to ordinary end consumers.

While it is noted by the OFT that most reputable retailers in Gibraltar already largely abide by the principles set out in the code, the code’s introduction will bring much needed clarity for both businesses and consumers should disputes arise from purchases. In particular, it will assist in terms of expected redress outcomes and timeframes for this. This certainty should in turn avoid escalation of disputes between consumers and businesses as the code is designed to codify silent areas of existing legislation.

The OFT is inviting any businesses that wish to receive further guidance on the code to contact the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team. The OFT will be able to deliver a presentation on the principles of the code should enough interest be generated by the sector for this.

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