Consumer Awareness - Rental Deposits

Published: Monday, 15 March 2021

If you have ever rented a property you will have probably put down a rental deposit. The OFT unfortunately receives many complaints from tenants who face problems at the time of claiming back their deposits which are sometimes unjustifiably withheld by letting agents or landlords. 

Although there are codes of conduct for Real Estate Agents that stipulate how tenant deposits should be handled by them, the OFT has created guidance specifically for Gibraltar consumers that informs them about how rental deposits should be handled by letting agents and landlords. It also provides practical guidance to avoid issues at the end of their tenancies. We have also created a sample letter to assist consumers to formally request a return of their unjustly withheld deposits. You can find the consumer guidance here.

If you have experienced problems recovering your rental deposit, and you feel that it has been withheld unjustly, please get in contact with the OFT’s Consumer Protection team: